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The Uno is – literally – the first motorcycle to arise from the efforts of engineers Michiel
Benink and Sander Temme. The base is a 2004 Ducati 999. The concept of the Café racer has
always been to achieve a lighter, stronger and more manageable motorcycle than the
original. The idea of using a modern motorcycle as a starting point came from the wish to be
able to ride trouble-free at high speeds. In order to go from a factory motorcycle to a
completely new design, with as much attention given to appearance as to technology, a long
journey of trial and error had to be made.

Not only does the result surpass their own expectations, it also outperforms other
motorcycles. The SAMI Uno is and remains a full-blooded Italian, but with a very exclusive,
vintage look. Riding comfort and handling were central to the design of the various parts.
Reliability and styling were important elements that determined these choices. This resulted
in a high-torque, high-revving motorcycle. As such, the Ducati 749/999 series is also
renowned for its handling. SAMI offers the rider an ultimate experience, in the purest sense
that motorcycling is meant to be.
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