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SAMI build process


Three years ago, the brand new Ducati 999 stood waiting in the SAMI workshop, ready for
the treatment that would change it forever. In order to accentuate its muscular looks, the
choice was made for the Ducati Panigale front fork. The handlebar stem had to be adjusted
so that the lower fork yoke would fit properly. The exhaust was to be made using pie-cuts, a
job which had to be restarted again and again to achieve a perfect end result. Meanwhile,
the idea was born to expose the mechanics of the throttle bodies -because they look like
carburettors-, in order to create a cool, old-school look. To do this, a smaller airbox had to
be made from aluminium, but with enough airflow. By opting for a half-open upper side of
the airbox, it turned out to be very loud. This is why everything was adjusted to achieve
more normal sound levels.

Another challenge was the construction of the subframe. In order to be able to do this
completely the way we wanted, we designed our own bending tools. The cable harness also
had to be completely rebuilt, due to the choice made for the Motogadget M-unit. Also, the
CAN bus function of the OEM speedometer had to be removed. In addition, an Acewell
speedometer was installed in the electrical system. All in all, quite a few challenges and
adjustments that finally yielded the result we were looking for.
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