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SAMI Uno: Dutch design meets Italian engineering.

When two Dutch engineers merged their ideas about the ideal motorcycle, something
beautiful was created. Sander dearly loves the vintage look of Café Racers. Michiel's heart
beats faster for thoroughbred Italian motorcycles. The result is a Café Racer developed
entirely in their own workshop and based on Ducati engineering. Exceptionally unique,
sensationally stylish and born for asphalt.
It all began with the birth of the SAMI Uno. A motorcycle that is guaranteed to draw
attention to itself -provided that you can spot it. Thanks to its well-balanced and improved
engineering, combined with the proven expertise of Ducati, SAMI motorcycles are fast, agile
and reliable. Had we already mentioned that every SAMI motorcycle offers a tremendous
amount of exclusivity? A custom bike that is as reliable as the finest, new motorcycle. Ride it
and you'll find that out for yourself!

A design process entails lengthy discussions, spending hours and hours in the 3D tech
drawing software, litres of coffee, making prototypes of parts, assembling, dismantling,

testing… going back to the drawing board and finally being rewarded for all these efforts.
Once the SAMI Uno was actually standing in the workshop in all its glory, exactly as the
makers had intended, a party was thrown. However, there was no time to sit back and relax,
because so many good ideas had surfaced during the technical-creative process. And thus
the plan for the SAMI Due was immediately forged.
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